Feb 8, 2007

Online poker tournaments!

There are many live poker tournaments; however, there is a new trend in the virtual net. If many celebrities were seen on the television screen, now any player can enjoy a virtual online poker game.

“World Poker Tour” and “World Series of Poker” are two well know poker contests. However, not everybody is Daniel Negreanu or a Hollywood star like Ben Affleck. But do not get upset, you can have your payback – enter online poker tournaments.

To become a poker pro, start with individual games, on online poker sites. Choose to play games from the easiest level to more complex ones. When you have achieved a good online poker experience and have gathered many won games, make the next normal step: enter online poker tournaments.

Also, try all poker versions: Caribbean Stud, Cyberstud, Let It Ride, Stud Poker, Video Poker, Texas Hold 'Em, and any other version. Do not be afraid to check also forums and blogs. I will keep on writting any good advice that i can think of when it comes to online poker or any casino game. Why? Because i see this as a good way of entertainment and free of any risks.

These are the steps to be taken in order to get maximum results! And your name will be the next one in the poker hall of fame.


Feb 7, 2007

Online Keno gives you the winning ticket!

Keno is basically very much alike lottery; you get the keno boar containing 80 numbers on it. Of course, you need to predict as many numbers as you can from the 20 numbers that will be given.

Again, I’m in the favor of online keno version, as the game is based on a random number generator, a feature that gives the player a fair chance of winning. There were many statistic and probability systems more or less scientifically made, however the main strategy seems to be the player’s instinct and a total particular way of choosing the numbers.

When playing online keno, just enjoy your magician position of predicting the appearing of a certain number. When “Hit” is flashed, you know that the computer has chosen a number and the chosen one is the same as yours.

Go for high bets. The winnings are according to that: “bet $1”, “bet$2 …and “bet$5”. This last bet is usually the maximum online casino bets.

Also, take a good look at how many numbers you pick for each game, and how many become hits.

Have a clear plan:

1. what bet will you go for;
2. which numbers look favorable
3. how many – and which one – became “hits”
4. decide how many games you want to play and select: play one, play five …

You can play the same numbers by simply choosing the repeating of the last played numbers.

A final advice: play on real money, as you will feel frustrated if your numbers were the lucky ones, but you played for free.


Feb 6, 2007

B&M gets less revenue than online casinos!

And this is something that even the master Donald Trump would agree! If only he had read my article before the Atlantis! Like in Plato’s writings, the Atlantis tumbled down and turned into a real bad investment.

Therefore, why are online casinos far better than the brick & mortar? Well, let’s make a simple calculation:

- b&m casino – Costs for building an establishment or renting/ buying one;
- an online casino – much less expensive costs of buying a software;

- b&m casino (land based casino) – costs for its maintenance (electricity, repairing, cleaning etc.)
- online casino – none of that

- land based casinos – food and drinks for both customers and personnel
- online casinos – none of that

- b&m casino - security cameras and personnel
- online casinos – the security system comes with the software

- land based casinos - buying the game tables and other game machines, the cards, the cips, teaching the personnel in dealer’s schools, all in an expensive decor
- online casinos – the software comes with a wide range of games: online Poker, Online Blackjack, online slots, online Craps, online Keno, online roulette, all in a beautiful and catchy design.

This is why online casinos are a far better investment. Plus, the gamblers are from all over the world, and don’t have for real present in the casino.

Well, I’m no mathematics Einstein; however, I can put them in a simple equation and draw a line under. I bet you know the results, don’t you?

Therefore, if you are not the rich Trump that can afford to have a non profitable investment, but you still want to have your own place to gamble, get your online gambling pit!

Play and make the games!